Long Beach Conference: A Sneak Peek

Winter EBA Conference

January 17 - 20, 2016

Long Beach, California




Agenda & Speakers
Destination: Long Beach
Sneak Peek


Winter Conference Pre-View:

Hello Fellow EBA Members.  Our Winter Meeting, which is in Long Beach where milder temperatures and sunshine should prevail, is shaping up to be DYN-O-MITE! If you have already registered, that is great news and we look forward to seeing you there.  If you haven’t registered, hopefully this preview will get you revved up to do so. 

Conference  Agenda: Your Agenda Committee has pulled some great presentations together that will be both educational as well as entertaining. Here are a few meeting highlights:

  • Everyone remembers Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich – but what has happened to Hinkley, CA since the movie and what impact has it had on lending?  Dr. Ian Webster, Sc.D., with Project Navigator, Ltd., which in 2012 was retained to assist with community technical outreach by acting in the role of “Independent Program Manager”, has seen the impact to Hinkley first hand and will provide an excellent overview of the direct and indirect impacts to Hinkley as a result of the contamination. This is a must hear presentation that will blow your socks off.
  • And there’s still more:
    • A Survival Guide for Bankers on Vapor Intrusion
    • Perspective from a Head Credit Officer on how Credit evaluates environmental risk
    • A comparative data and cost analysis for remediation
    • How dry cleaner remediation can be covered through a state UST Trust Fund
    • Case law update for our Industry
    • Risk Avoidance for Environmental Consultants
    • redevelopment of 100 year old oil/gas fields   

First Ever!!!:

Polling: Live polling via cell phone texting will occur at the January meeting.  During select presentations, live audience polling will be incorporated. 

Sponsor Videos and Show & Tell Exhibits: During panel change outs, you will be entertained by our Diamond, Platinum and Gold Sponsors with short humorous videos.  Additionally, the Sponsor booths will contain Show & Tell Exhibits, like: a) Vials of heating oil (#2, #5, #6) – is #6 heating oil really as thick as peanut butter? b) Want to see an XRF machine in action?  Did you know that the XRF can be used to detect lead concentrations in soil?; c) LNAPL to DNAPL. Characteristics and Behavior; d) Stereoscopic vs  Oblique aerial photographs; and using Aerials to fill Data Gaps; e) Identifying microbial growth with a Radar temp gun; d) How do you complete a Phase I on a Ship?; e) And much more.  Be sure to check out the interesting and educational Show & Tell Exhibits at the Sponsor’s Booths.

Tuesday Afternoon Banker and Affiliate Break-Outs:

Banker Only Session – topics:

  • Tracking/Demonstrating Value of the ERM Department - "Justifying our Existence"
  • QA/QC and Audit Process
  • How to be the "Go-to Team" - Leveraging Resources, Technical Experts, Contacts

    Affiliate Only Session – topics:
  • Maneuvering Brownfield Reimbursement – Guest Speaker: Noemi Emeric-Ford, Regional Brownfields Coordinator for EPA
  • EBA BOG Update
  • ASTM Concerns
  • Open Forum and Readying for the June Conference in Ft. Worth, TX

Dine-Arounds (Sunday and Monday Evening, Post-Receptions): EBA attendees and their travel companions are invited to sign up with a post-reception Dine-Around Dinner Group on Sunday and Monday nights. You may sign up either prior to the conference or upon check-in at the EBA registration desk. These informal Dine-Around Dinner Groups will be a fun opportunity to network with other Conference attendees. 

A variety of local restaurants have been selected for groups of 10-12 people. Each party will be limited to 12 to allow for fun and socializing in an intimate, small-group setting. The dinners will be held after the receptions on Sunday and Monday nights. We will announce the restaurant options shortly, and you'll have an opportunity to select the restaurant of your choice for either or both nights.

Each Dine-Around group will be led by an EBA Member "Host" to coordinate reservations and make sure everyone has directions.  Each attendee will be responsible for covering the cost of his/her meal and any beverages. Although we will work with the restaurants to allow separate checks, bringing cash is always welcome.  Stay tuned for the yummy restaurant options!

EBA Gives Back (Sunday morning):

We invite everyone to participate with the EBA Gives Back event. This year’s activity is an opportunity to give back to the environment. The event takes place at Algalita’s Marine and Research and Education Center (Algalita). Algalita, founded in 1994, specializes in monitoring plastic pollution in the oceans. Algalita's Founder and Research Director, Captain Charles Moore, was the first to discover the "swirling soup of plastic debris" in the Pacific's north eastern gyre, known by many as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. For nearly 20 years, Algalita has been searching for answers on plastic pollution in the marine ecosystem and is dedicated to the protection and improvement of the marine environment and its watersheds through research and education on the impacts of plastic pollution. For this half-day activity, please join us and support Algalita in pollution prevention.

Some of the tasks include: working sand stations, sieving sand, picking up plastic, writing down observations, and filling out data sheets.
If you plan to volunteer, please dress accordingly. If you wish to participate or have any questions, please contact Holly Neber at hneber@aeiconsultants.com or Don Kellar at don@frenviro.com. We will be arranging the transportation.

Wednesday 1/2 Day – Newer EBA Banking Member Session: Whether you are new to the Environmental Banking field or you have been in Environmental Banking for a while but would like to expand your knowledge on environmental issues, we welcome you to the Wednesday Session.  This session will focus on defining and exploring targeted environmental concerns and operations which can be problematic when attempting to close your commercial loan transactions.  A panel of seasoned environmental consultants and highly experienced bank risk managers will walk you through the “In’s and Out’s” of dealing with the following potential hurdles:

  • Dry Cleaners (Matt Rodda, Andersen Environmental/EFI Global)
  • Auto Repair Issues – Including clarifiers, sand traps, &hydraulic lifts (Brian Aubry, Geologica Group)
  • Historical Operations (Jon Lovegreen, TetraTech)
  • Pre-Foreclosure Due Diligence (Dawn Merrill, ATC Group Services LLC; John McGinnis, Comerica Bank)
  • Bank Environmental Policy (Jan Sheinson, BMO Harris Bank; Richard Belyea, Comerica Bank)
  • Underground Storage Tanks (Scott Kurtz, Ninyo & Moore)

The Wednesday 1/2 Day Session is for Banking Members only and invited guests.  This session is included as part of your meeting registration.   




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